Harvard Scientist Invents New “Airway Mister“ That Instantly Filters up to 99% of Airborne Contaminants

Experts agree: The air we breathe today is dirtier and more dangerous than ever.

A recent study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University sent shockwaves through the medical world when it showed the decline in our air quality was associated with 9,700 additional premature deaths from 2016 to 2018 alone.2

Much of this air quality decline comes from the man-made toxins we breathe in every day like cigarette smoke, the gas in our cars, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, industrial plants, and more…

But that’s only part of the story.

In addition to those man-made toxins, our air has ALWAYS been filled with “natural threats” – such as allergens, carcinogens, bacteria, germs, and other airborne microorganisms.

Dr. John S. Tregoning, in his book Infectious, actually said it best:

“Nature wants you dead every time you breathe.”

You see, every day, you inhale BILLIONS of tiny particles. Most are harmless… but others pose serious risks to your quality of life and wellbeing – and some are deadly.

Which makes it NO WONDER that poor air quality is a growing concern in the United States AND across the world!

However, it’s not an easy problem to solve. Reducing man-made toxins will take years, and that’s only IF we agree to stop using them (unlikely). And even then, we’ll STILL be susceptible to those “natural threats”!

That’s why a Harvard scientist got to work creating a new way for people to safely avoid breathing ALL types of air contaminants and pollutants – both the ones found in nature and the ones artificially made by humans.

His successful invention is called FEND, and it uses a brilliant technique: Instead of cleaning all the air in the world, FEND boosts your body’s natural defenses – so your body can naturally clean your air as you breathe it in.

FEND has recently become available to the public, and doctors are strongly recommending it for personal use – it’s safe, natural, and even provides a number of health benefits!

What is FEND?

FEND is an all-natural airway cleansing mist that filters up to 99% of allergens, carcinogens & pathogens from reaching your lungs.3

It works by capturing billions of tiny airborne particles, then flushing them out BEFORE you breathe them in.

In short, FEND strengthens your upper airways’ natural ability to clean the air you breathe.

Even better, FEND is 100% drug-free and completely safe for anyone to use. It doesn’t require a prescription or an expensive office visit, and there are NO side effects to worry about.

The proprietary solution is similar to natural ocean air, made with natural ingredients that are fundamental to keeping your nasal passages clean, hydrated, & healthy.

Since FEND first hit the shelves, people have gone CRAZY for it!

Which makes sense because while it looks simple, the technology behind it is actually quite advanced. FEND was invented by Harvard Professor Dr. David Edwards and developed in collaboration with scientists from leading research & academic institutions around the world.

How does FEND work?

In short, FEND strengthens the natural defense system your body already has in place.

Your body has a natural “sticky trap” that catches germs & airborne particles before they go deeper into your lungs. (Which is why you aren’t getting sick every single day from all those microorganisms and toxins you’re inhaling.)

The FEND solution hydrates this lining in order to make it MORE effective at trapping any of the particles that enter your airways.

This gives you “super mucus” that helps filter the contaminants you’re exposed to each time you breathe.

Once they’re trapped by the “super mucus”, your body will safely eliminate them on its own.

And because FEND uses an ULTRA-FINE mist atomizer (the technology behind the part of the bottle that actually sprays), you’ll experience much deeper absorption into your upper airways.

This allows FEND to be much MORE effective at filtering airborne particles and germs while also helping you breathe better overall.

It’s not just incredibly effective, it’s also surprisingly simple to use.

To use FEND, simply…

  1. Spray 2 mists of FEND
  2. Inhale through your nose
  3. That’s it – FEND will immediately start filtering 99% of airborne particles!

The solution starts working right away, and two sprays can help filter dangerous contaminants for up to 6 hours at a time.

Plus, FEND is completely safe to use multiple times a day without side effects.

Who can use FEND?

Air contaminants can harm anyone, but they can be especially dangerous for a few groups of people.4

Those who are…

… could all benefit from FEND’s powerful ability to clean them and supercharge your body's own natural air filtration system.

Especially since FEND filters up to 99% of airborne allergens, carcinogens, and pathogens so you can breathe with confidence.3

We should all feel safe breathing. And FEND is helping us do just that.

Conclusion: Does Fend really work?

In short, YES!

Not only does FEND help you breathe better and shield you from poor air quality, germs, and allergens…

It’s ALSO easy and safe to use, completely portable, and – perhaps most importantly of all – it’s doctor-recommended!

Whether you have a condition that makes it especially important to keep your airways clean, or you simply want to help your body filter the “dirty air” we’re all breathing today…

One thing is clear: FEND could quite possibly be your new favorite product that improves the quality of your day-to-day life with each and every breath you take!

WARNING: Avoid knockoffs – ONLY order yours through the official website!

We’re happy to see that FEND has continued to rise in popularity since we wrote this article. However, we’ve also heard about some knockoffs going around. They either use the wrong solution (that could even be unsafe to inhale!) or they don’t use an atomized mister, which makes the product MUCH less effective.

So, if you’re planning to help yourself and your family filter pollutants with FEND, please be sure to order ONLY from the official FEND website!

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